Our Services

New Roof Installation

A new roof for your home or business is a major Investment – make sure it’s done right. Tip Top Roofing has a proven track record, knows how to install shingles the right way and according to manufacturer’s recommendations with quality workmanship. We issue a 10 year warranty for all our work.

Repairs and Maintenance

Your roof is going to need minor repairs from time to time. We’re more than happy to come out and check to ensure that your roof is in proper condition.

We’ll start with the following:

  •  Look for any issues with your roof that may be causing water leakage
  • Check your chimney flashing
  • Look for any roof penetrations
  • Check to ensure shingles are properly attached.

Roof Replacement

This is our field of speciality. We take steps to protect your landscaping as well as your gutters & gutter guards. We issue a 10-year written labor warranty on all work – including interior damages. We specialize in shingles, metal roofing, and residential EPDM/Flat Room system.

Gutter Cleaning

Stopped up gutters and downspouts cause major problems. Tip Top Roofing recommends that twice per year, you get your gutters cleaned and your downspouts flushed. We go one step further and will caulk anyplace where your gutters may be leaking or dripping. We also secure any loose guttering to the facial. Pricing for this service usually ranges $100-300.

Ventilation Systems

There are two basic types of ventilation systems:

  • Electrics Attic Fans on a Thermostat
  • Ridge Vents with Soffit Vents

Both types of Ventilation Systems allow your house to breath in both winter and summer.

In most cases, the best fit is a Ridge Vent, but not all houses are setup to do this efficiently. Tip Top Roofing services both types of Ventilation Systems.

Roof Inspections

Tip Top Roofing’s Roof Inspections are different than an estimate. No matter your situation, whether you’re selling your house or have had storm damage, we are happy to come our and evaluate your roof and write an inspection. If we determine that the remainder of life for the roof is less than 3 years, no service fee will be charged and we will provide you with an estimate for replacement. Roof Inspections are billed as a $50 service call.

Chimney Caps

There are three types of Chimney Caps on the market today:

  • Saddle Top – usually custom made. Service for these runs between $200-400.
  • Rectangle Box – usually custom made. Service for these runs between $200-400.
  • Floo Caps – off the shelf. Generally $75 per floo.

Click here to see examples of the Chimney Caps we install.

Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation is a great way to not only lower your heating and cooling bills by up to 20% on average as well as to attain a higher home resale value. New Home Codes require R-38 or 15″ of insulation. Tip Top Roofing is happy to provide free estimates for insulating your home.